Kitchen - Cacciatori Cartosio


The stove needs Federica’s knowledge to be fed as well as Federica needs the stove’s fire for her kitchen.

When I started thinking about learning how to cook, I asked myself, and to many other people, a lot of questions. They said me to learn from my mother-in-law, because cooking is not a static old recipe on a dusty book: it relies in the knowledge that is passed on through the people


Historic stove Enriches the Menu

This is how we cook at the Cacciatori restaurant, told by the words of Federica, handed down through generations across a 200 years history.

The ingredients have always been the same, seasonal and territorial. They come from the hills and feel the influence of the nearby sea. The recipes of the regional tradition are the genuine ones, their style and taste is contemporary.

Federica is the soul of the kitchen, but its heart is definitely the wood stove on which the main courses of the menu are cooked. These are dishes with a unique flavour that Massimo shows and tells, presenting them in the dining room, where their freshness is revealed to the clients.