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Discover the constantly updated menu of the Hotel Restaurant Cacciatori in Cartosio

MENÙ DEGUSTAZIONE Premiate Trattorie Italiane’“
The menù is prepared for the entire table

Local salame with home made giardiniera (9)

Saint Peter’s herb omelette (3-7)

Egg tagliolini, herb butter and spring vegetables (1,3,7)

Farmer’s rabbit with laurel and bacon (7)
Creamed cod (4,9)


€ 58,00 each with 2 wine glasses
€ 53,00 each without wine glasses

The menù is prepared for the entire table

A taste of our dishes, chosen by us, based on the daily products, , to start discovering our cuisine.

First course

€ 30,00 each


Selection of cold cuts € 13,00

Knife-cut Fassona steak tartare € 15,00

Bred, butter and anchovies from Sicily (1,3,4,7) € 12,50

Local asparagus pie (20 min) (1,3,7) € 13,50

Selection of starters “CACCIATORI € 23,00 (1,3,4,7,9 )


Egg tagliolini with tomato, parsley and garlic or meat ragù (1,3,7,9) € 14,00

Egg tagliolini, herb butter and vegetables (1,3,7,9) € 14,00

Spinach Cappellacci with Roccaverano Robiola
and Hazelnuts (1,3,7,9) € 14,00

Meat ravioli with butter and sage or Barbera (1,3,7,9) € 15,00


Cacciatora chicken (min 2 pers. 35 min) € 19,50

Farmer’s rabbit with laurel and bacon (7) € 19,50

Piedmontese beaf , cooked on the wood stowe with red wine (1,7,9) € 25,00

Creamed cod (7) € 17,50

Cheese selection “Luigi Guffanti 1876” (7) € 13,50

Our preparations and meats are cooked on a wood-burning stove, a cooking technique that is nearly extinct today, but one that we preserve and consider valuable. The stove was designed and installed in our kitchen in 1952. We offer classics and introduce new dishes to stay contemporary and to keep the circular economy associated with the stove always active.


There will be listed verbally € 8,00

San Bernardo Gocce – Still or sparkling water                                                       € 2,50
Illy Iperespresso monoarabica coffee                                                                   € 2,50

Our preparations take place in a single kitchen, therefore it is impossible to avoid potential cross-contamination even on foods that do not contain allergens in the recipe. For this reason, all dishes may contain traces of gluten-containing cereals, peanuts, soy, lupin, tree nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, fish, shellfish, mollusks, milk, eggs, and sulfites in concentrations exceeding 10 mg/kg.”
Allergen legend:
1) cereals 2) shellfish 3) eggs 4) fish 5) peanuts 6) soy 7) milk 8) nuts 9) celery 10) mustard 11) sesame seeds 12) sulphur dioxide 13) lupin 14) molluscs
*The listed ingredients are the main ines used in the preparation of the dish
But it is not excluded the presence of other engredients used minimally. For severe allergies and intollerances,we suggest to refer to theavailable  allergen list. We inform you that some products,carefully following self contro measures according to reg. CE 852/04.may be frozen on the premices  (through blast chilling).

updated 26 April 2024