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Cacciatori Cartosio Restaurant

Since 200 years, our kitchen speaks about territory, tradition, experimentation and professionalism. But it also talks about emotion and happiness. Looking to the future, but never forgetting where we come from.

Opening hours

From Friday to Tuesday 12.30 – 13.30
19.30 – 21.30
closed Wednesdays and Thursdays (open during pre-holidays and holidays)

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+39 0144 40123

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It all began in 1818

The Milano family had in Cartosio an Osteria, which in the years became a Trattoria, a reference for those who looked for rest and refreshment while travelling the Sassello road, the path that connected the lowland with Liguria region.

Passion, food and quality.

La passione per il cibo e per l’ospitalità si possono ritrovare nei piatti tradizionali piemontesi, oggi con Federica e Massimo, ieri con Carla, Giancarlo e nonna Maria, sempre qui, da più di 200 anni nel loro ristorante a Cartosio.



Discover the hospitality and flavours of Monferrato area

Staying in Cartosio, even if only for one night, means approaching the territory, plunging into its tranquillity and enjoying its silence.